The Endearing Language of Flowers

The Endearing Language of FlowersThe Endearing Language of Flowers . The language of flowers is a language of love, endearment, and respect. The true popularity of flowers lies in their ability to bring joy and good cheer.

The fascination with flowers has captivated, and charmed people worldwide. They represent a form of life that has endured evolution, and continues to flourish. With a diversity of colors, forms, scents, and uses, flowers have been revered by generations of admirers, and enthusiasts alike. Throughout history, flowers have been the perfect form of expression, when words were hard to find. The language of flowers is a language of love, endearment, and respect. The truly popularity of flowers lies in their ability to bring joy, and good cheer.

The first flowering plants found were tiny herb-like flower fossils dating back 120 million years. An innumerable number of images of preserved flowers and flower parts have been found in fossils located all over the world. According to scientists, there are over 270,000 species of flowers that have been documented and are living in the twenty-first century. Scientists continue to marvel over the amazing diversity of species and the species that have not changed much during evolution. Many flowers have coevolved with their pollination animals.

The flower is the reproductive organ of a plant. It is the job of the flower to produce seeds through fertilization, and pollination. Pollination requires animals (bees, hummingbirds, etc.), wind, or water to transfer male pollen to the female ovule. After a flower is fertilized, it develops into a fruit containing seeds. These seeds are the next generation and serve as the means by which species of plants are dispersed across a field, tells Landscaper Austin ( residential landscaping ). Crossbreeding can occur, and this leads to the enormous diversities seen.

The alluring nature of flowers has made them subjects of folklore, and poetry. Their medicinal use has been embraced by the east for centuries. A flower’s fragrance is its personality, a beautiful bouquet of scents that permeate even the worst form of pollution. Flowers have been associated with religious symbolism, the lily signifying purity for example. The diversity of shapes and colors makes them the perfect decoration, and the perfect gift. The likelihood of two people having the same color, shape arrangement is very remote. Edible flowers have been used in the culinary field for flavor and garnish for many years.

It is clear that flowers do have a very endearing language. A language that is universal, without borders. A language that contains no negativity, nor prejudice. An unconditional way of expressing a feeling so deeply, that words could never convey the true meaning. Regardless of the situation, the sight of a flower will always solicit a smile and a sense of warmth.

The Endearing Language of Flowers